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This blog showcases material I hope will pay my bills someday. Because my interests are broad, I photograph many subjects and write a variety of pieces. I use my time and money to create and share some unique experiences. Photography has dominated my hobby life for over a decade. My interest in finding and photographing wild animals led me to study wildlife biology. My grades in biology led me to study journalism. Now writing has been a large part of my life for about three years. I graduated from the University of Idaho in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in journalism and now seek to produce material to share with an audience who appreciates quality entertaining content. Writing supplements my photography better than a biology degree would, and my skills see better use in this more creative field.

Currently, I am working on a fictional humor novel, and I'm shopping around for a professional editor who wants to work on this groundbreaking, earth shaking, mind blowing, shelf shattering work of excellence that will probably change the world into some sort of more literate, free thinking, yet peaceful and caring race.

And did I mention that I have several more book ideas that will be in the works accordingly?