Friday, January 24, 2014

8 Days for Success

Your success is accomplishing what matters most to you. Here are some things we can all think about while reaching for those goals.

Day 3 of 8

Change is coming, don't resist.

Depending on how you read that, it could mean different things. Someone might see "is" and think it's meant as a fortune message saying their hard times are about over. It could mean that. But I'm not a fortune teller, so that is not what it's supposed to mean. It's as objective and as "just-the-facts" as I can say it.

Changes will come in your personal life and in your career. It's in human nature and it's in nature itself. Change is coming no matter what. Think of how change affects people who use it to their advantage. A surfer or skier sees change in every wave and every bend, and they ride it the way they're supposed to. And they grow stronger because of it.

A success oriented person realizes the outside changes and is not afraid to adapt. If you're currently considering yourself successful, change can mean bad news, but it doesn't have to. If you're currently considering yourself unsuccessful, change can mean anything, but you need to focus on how change can bring you good fortune.

Motivational moment: Think about what changes you see over your horizon, and how they will affect you. Start a plan now to use those changes to your advantage. Instead of change causing anxiety, figure out how change can be fun.

Waste no time and get on it.

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