Wednesday, January 22, 2014

8 Days for Success

Your success is accomplishing what matters most to you. Here are some things we can all think about while reaching for those goals.

Day 1 of 8

Don't be limited by forces outside your control.

What is somebody else's fault, really, when it come to you reaching your goals?

  • The economy: We don't get to choose which economy to achieve our goals in. Approach your goals using a plan to overcome whatever obstacles hinder you. Know that people have risen from worse backgrounds.
  • Your boss: A narrow-minded boss who enjoys having the last word feels like a suffocating weight. Don't let the rejections from a boss deter you from taking risks, learning new skills, and becoming the best in your field, or becoming better than your boss could have ever hoped for, or can afford.
  • Your field: Some industries are more difficult than others to rise to the top, or even earn a sustainable living. The times are changing for a lot of fields and I've got news. The times are always changing and successful people throughout the world's history have learned to not only adapt with changes, but used creative ways to stay ahead of the curve.
Anything worth doing in this life has its challenges. The harder the work, the more glorious the satisfaction. Those forces "outside your control" may actually be within your power to make a difference.

Motivational moment: Think about what challenge seems the most unattainable, and imagine standing on top of the obstacle knowing that it is no longer holding you back.
Waste no time and get on it.

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