Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

JPG Magazine profile

Getting back into the swing of things and I am now updating my JPG profile to share some awesome photos I took.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The start of something wonderful… you can come too

This entry marks the beginning of Pflueg’s Blog. Pflueg is me and I am sharing a variety of stories and photos from my time as a writer and photographer.

If you are reading this today, you can say, “I was there from the beginning.” So let’s start with a funny fact. A funny fact about beginnings is that they have a definite starting point. That point marks a place in time and space. Let’s think about how I started this paragraph. “Today” could be any day. That’s the beautiful thing about the written word. You can always start from the beginning. From there, we can perceive time as relative rather than linear. Our time is what we make of it and time spent here is worth its weight. And here’s more on the stories:

That’s no glitch on your screen. I have said “I” a few times since starting this entry and let it be known that those “I’s” do not and will not own the stories** told here. They won’t dictate what is the truth and untruth. They should be looked at as more than a stick in a sentence meant to remind you just who the story teller here is. They represent a companion to you for the curvy road embarked once you start down this blog. I am simply here to provide a narrative to stories that often go untold. A narrative that is loyal to you, the reader, and the reader alone. More loyal than a dog who seeks to dominate the house as soon as he sees a weakness in the authority. And the dog will – just as soon as Sugar, the family cat shows sign of stumbling off the pedestal labeled “head of house.” The “I” in these entries represents merely the voice sharing stories that would otherwise go untold, maybe due to cowardice, or courage to not tell dumb stories. So if you’re having trouble placing the voice, imagine something thick and masculine like Wilford Brimley or Sam Elliot. Think of me, or I, as more than a story authority figure placed at random points in the text to remind you just who is in charge here.

That being said, I am in charge here. Nothing goes on this page without my say so. It is password protected and I alone hold that secret. And, like my stories, the password is a ludicrous parade of unrelated characters. One that internet password setup pages have even been known to call “Very Strong” or “Acceptable.”

Content is thoroughly thought through before appearing here to ask the reader to follow what might be a bumpy trail. Or maybe not even a trail. Narratives of mine have been known to lead readers deep into a jungle and point through the treetops saying, “See that mountain peak?” And whether the reader actually sees it or not, I respond, “Find it. There will be our conclusion.”

Scary to think about. But joining me is usually worth it. Sure there might not be any checkpoints along the journey to hand out water and say, “Keep going, you’re doing great!” J or “You’re almost there, yee-haw!” And maybe you won’t reach higher levels of enlightenment or learn anything about yourself. Shucks, you might not learn anything at all.

Just come with me and enjoy the time spent away from your work or your family and read confidently. Know that I won’t lead us into a corner. Know that I won’t say, “Check this story out.” And while you’re checking it out, I’m emptying your bank account. And of course, you’ll never know if I’m telling the truth until you try it for yourself. So check out some of these stories*!

It has been said: the only harmful knowledge is the knowledge you don’t have. So I’ll try not to share that knowledge with you.

            *Author’s note: stories to come later
            ** And also, of course I own the stories told here. My words are copyrighted material. Please don’t take them as your own.