Thursday, January 23, 2014

8 Days for Success

Your success is accomplishing what matters most to you. Here are some things we can all think about while reaching for those goals.

Day 2 of 8

Greatness does not doubt itself.

On the road to success, don't be slowed by hanging up ideas because of doubt. If you're immersed in what you're truly passionate about and you have ideas to take to new levels, follow your instinct. Your gut will usually not steer you wrong even when outside pressures or ideas say otherwise.

Acknowledge any areas of weakness you might have and be willing to accept that you might make mistakes. It's a scary thought, but use any wrong moves to charge forward optimistically knowing that you can use that knowledge to become even stronger.

Motivational moment: Some forces, whether right or wrong, have the power to charge forward, whether in one swift surge, or in steady trickle, like the source of a stream. Why not you? Find your way of moving forward.

Waste no time and get  on it.

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