Saturday, April 21, 2012


Love & Relationships

Sure, the maiden was distraught when the goblin stole her away on the eve of her wedding. For she was set to marry the prince and the love of her life, who were in fact one-in-the-same. And that would have been ever so convenient for the maiden. When the goblin took her, the whole town started to talk. "They're not good together," people often said when the couple was not around, which was always. The maiden didn't need to hear the people's talk anyway because she knew the goblin was bad for her. But, in all that time she was being held against her will, she had time to consider what's really important in a relationship and she began to come around. It's true, she thought, that she and the goblin could make each other laugh. And is a friend not the most important companion in this life? And with that, she became content with her new companion. "A real brute," she would call him as a pet name. Now, she thought, if only there was a way to make him laugh himself to death so I could escape.

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