Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Q Survey

A lot of amazing events came to pass and extraordinary people made history in America, that's for sure. And the old folks always say that we can learn from our history. So, hidden in the mystery of what the heck happened in all that history, lies lessons to learn? There's a lot to know in all those years.

What events or people in America's history would you like to know more about?
Please post in the comments section and let's get some ideas flowing.


  1. You mean, if I wasn't sure, and I wanted to know exactly what the Pentagon Papers were all about, all I do is post it here?

    1. That's right, Nighthawk. Let's look at key points in American history, together.

    2. Wow, and you'll answer all my questions?!

  2. What about Roswell, Area 51, Alien autopsy, and all that? Do you know anything about that?

  3. I know enough to cause trouble, and more than most would like to know, but I think this would be a good addition to my project.