Saturday, December 10, 2011

CD Review: Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve & Other Stories

Click here to read how TSO brings a positive energy, which can be easily lost due to busy schedules we make for ourselves, back to the Christmas season.


  1. I too love TSO to ring in the Christmas season, and thought your review was good.

    Just one suggestions...I thought you could add power to this review by adding 'story' into the sentence:

    "Their keen understanding of how to merge rock n’ roll[, storytelling] and symphony orchestra music bring to life a spirit of Christmas..."

    Just saying...because you also seem to be quite a storyteller. Cannot wait to read more.

  2. I appreciate that. And I’m glad you acknowledge the storytelling quality in their music too. Aside from the spirit liftin’, toe tappin’, head bangin’ good time, the stories are a great quality to good music.